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Create a truly global marketplace for online tenders.

Tender-it Services

Connecting Seekers & Solvers of online procurement.

We make online tendering easier, less time-consuming and help expand the reach of your business to a global level.

Tender-it provides the following services:

  • Daily tender updates: receive relevant public tender information on a daily basis – on time, on any device, wherever you are.
  • Personalised matches: don't waste time scanning information you're not interested in.
  • Tender-it deadline alerts: never miss a tender opportunity again.
  • An intuitive work environment: a clean, crisp look and easy to use, whether you're working on a desktop computer or mobile device.
  • Tender-it Dashboard: one overview of all the management information you need to help you improve your bidding strategy.
  • Global reach: all the tender information you need – from Europe, the United States, Canada, BRICS and Australasia.
  • Translations: local descriptions and documents translated into English with a single click.
  • Full online access: find everything you need online.
  • Rating system: tendering institutions and bidding companies are rated for you – who is trustworthy and who is not?
  • Unlimited number of users: no additional fees for multiple users in your organisation.

Mission & Vision

We believe in your success

You’re struggling to find the right tenders online and feel that you have to put a lot of effort into bidding on public tenders.

So did we!

You believe that these days, finding and bidding on the right tenders has become too time-consuming and expensive, and there are no high quality services to be found.

So did we!

At Tender-it, it is our vision to make online tendering easy, intuitive and effortless. Our mission is to create a truly global marketplace for online tenders.

About Tender-It

Making online tendering easy, intuitive and effortless: connecting Seekers & Solvers.

Imagine the following: you're the owner of a road construction company, or a consultant working on new energy solutions for government institutions. You depend on government contracts for a large part of your revenue. To stay updated, you've subscribed to a national or regional tender alert service. But you also happen to live near the border of two neighbouring countries.

Right now, you have to inform yourself through three or more tender alert services to receive the necessary public tender information. The existing national services are not the most capable when it comes to matching, which means that the search through hundreds of calls has become an extensive and expensive daily task for you and your colleagues. And you're not even sure you’re current tender alert subscriptions provide you with all the information you’d like.

Tender-it provides you with accurate and relevant tendering information, without the fragmentation you currently experience. Tender-it saves you valuable time to run your business.

Currently, the Tender-it-team is developing the basic structures we need to provide our services to you. We aim to launch in Q1 2016. In the meantime, we will keep you updated on our progress through this website.

Whether you're in construction, web design or consulting, working for local or national government, or another institution, Tender-it will connect Seekers of products and services with the Solvers of their request.

Do you have ideas to improve the search for tenders? Are you interested in receiving updates on our progress? Or would you like to pre-subscribe to our services? Please sign up or send us a message. We'll answer your question or sign you up for our monthly email update. No strings attached.

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On what and where do Dutch (semi) governmental bodies spend their money exactly? Who is being rewarded and at what rates of pay? This information is in principle public, but mostly hard to find. Opentenders will bring more transparency to public spending for NGOs, journalists, politicians, civil servants, researchers and the general public. Through an on-line platform, information on public spending is made transparent, easy to analyse and comparable, allowing the platform to contribute to better and cheaper public procurement.

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About Us

The Tender-it-team consists of four enthusiastic specialists, all with their own core competencies.

  • Elmar Krack – gained experience through years of working in the field of government grants and incentives, public policy and public procurement. He often functioned as the link between the private and public sector. Elmar believes that the online publication of public and private tenders is just the beginning of creating a transparent and truly level playing field for public and private tendering. He is determined to take online procurement for the public and private sector to the next level with Tender-it.
  • Joeri Achterberg – was often engaged in bid and tender processes, working as an experienced consultant in the field of innovation, investments and grants. Joeri first-hand experienced the time-consuming process of finding the right tenders. Getting the right information for economic cross-border regions was even harder.
  • Rik Wanders – has more than ten years experience as a web developer, well experienced in both back- and frontend development. Rik's main interest is re-engineering public data in a highly efficient way and presenting them to new users, according to their personal interests. He’s using this knowledge to improve the tender search process for anyone experiencing difficulties in finding the right tenders.
  • Michaël de Groot – multi-disciplinary in several start-ups (and accelerated) companies, specialised in affordable scalability using open source solutions. Michaël dreams big data and internationalisation and scales the technical side of Tender-it to become a global player instantly.

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